How to setup QSales for Act

In order to use QSales for Act v13, the QSales API needs to  be installed on a server running a Windows Server or Windows Professional operating system which also has local or LAN access to the Quickbooks company file.  In a shared network environment, the QSales API only needs to be installed on this central machine and not on every workstation. The QSales API will communicate with Quickbooks and return data to the Act users running the QSales for Act plugin.

If QSales v13 has not been setup in your environment previously, please first proceed to the Installing the QSales API section first, and then finally, setup and configure the QSales for Act plugin using the links below

Note: Prior to continuing with installation, please ensure your Quickbooks Desktop software is fully up to date. Otherwise,  QSales may potentially have issues connecting with your data file. Once updated, it is also highly recommended to reboot the machine. Once this is done, you may continue with this guide.