Managing bounced emails with MailManager4Act

MailManager4Act provides a few different ways to process email addresses that have bounced. You can either provided a list of email addresess, or have MailManager4Act monitor an IMAP folder in your email account and try to find bounced email messages. Once you have this list, MailManager4Act can do a lookup of these Contacts. You can then either edit/delete these Contacts, or reach out to them via phone of other means to get the correct contact information.


Looking up email address list

  • Click the menu MailManager4Act > Manage Bounced Emails  > Lookup email address list
  • In the textbox, enter email addresses you wish to lookup (one per line). 
  • Click the Lookup button to start searching the Contacts in your database. 
  • Once completed, MailManager4Act will perform a lookup of these Contacts and switch to the list view. You can then manipulate this list as you wish


Monitoring an IMAP folder

  • MailManager4Act can also log into your email server using IMAP and monitor a folder for any unread messages that have bounced. We recommend moving any bounced email messages to  a custom folder and marking them as unread before continuing.
  • Make sure your IMAP server information is entered in the MailManager4Act Settings as explained in the How to setup MailManager4Act article
  • Click the menu MailManager4Act > Manage Bounced Emails  > Monitor IMAP folder
  • Select the folder which contains the bounced email messages  and hit OK. Please ensure these messages are marked as unread before continuing. MailManager4Act will now go through and try to detect the email address that bounced using these email messages. Please note that this function is not guaranteed to detect all email addresses, as every mail server returns a slightly different bounced email message however, this should work for the vast majority of the email services online today.

  • Once MailManager4Act has completed reading messages from the folder, it will launch the Lookup Email Addresses window as explained above automatically with all the email addresses prefilled. Press the Lookup button to lookup these emails in the database.