Could not load file or assembly 'SautinSoft.Document' error when using Act4Outlook

Due to a misconfiguration in certain Act installations, this error might appear when Act4Outlook attempts to record history. To work around this error, simply download and run our utility from the following link:

Prior to running this utility, please ensure Outlook is closed in order to prevent any errors. 

If you would like to proceed with the manual method, please follow the steps below:

  • Close Outlook.
  • Navigate to, and Copy the following file: C:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act for Windows\SautinSoft.Document.dll
  • Paste this file to the Act4Outlook folder and restart Outlook.
    Act4outlook folder can be found in the following location depending on the version:

    Act4Outlook v4 or lower: C:\Program Files (x86)\Act4Work\Act4Outlook
    Act4Outlook v5 or above: C:\Program Files (x86)\Apps4Act\Act4Outlook