Convert native Act! Templates to MailManager4Act Templates

  • If you have one or more existing templates in the native Act! template format, you can easily convert these to the new MailManager4Act format using the template converted. Note : the feature below requires Microsoft Word 2010 or higher in order to function.
  • Click the menu Write > MailManager4Act > Convert Native Templates

  • If you wish to convert only 1 template, click the Single template file option and browse to your template file. If you wish to convert all your native Act! templates, select the All files in a specified folder option, and browse to the folder you wish to use. By default, this folder will be your Act! database's Templates folder.

  • Click Next to proceed through the wizard and convert the templates. The selected templates will be converted to the new format. You may now use these templates to send out email blasts using MailManager4Act, or edit them using the Template Editor.