How to set up a Link2Calendar (Book2Act) Team

If you work as a team and share the responsibility of meeting with your contacts, you can easily set up a Link2Calendar Team which will allow your contacts to chose an appointment with a team member available at suitable time. To make this work, all your team members will need to have active Link2Calendar subscriptions. Once this is in place, the person with most responsibility for organizing the team should become the team owner and invite others to participate. Team owner will not give up his/hers individual calendar, they will simply create an additional calendar for the whole team.  You can do this by going to Link2Calendar tab -> Calendar settings -> Manage Teams.

Future Team Owner (organizer) simpy needs to click Create Team button and select a unique name for your team.


This team name will also be visible to end-users when scheduling appointments. Once the team is created, you will receive a unique team link which can be used in email signatures and on websites and which will allow your customers to make appointments with your team.


To add team members, you will require the email addresses which your team members use to log into their own accouts. This will allow you to invite them to join the team while verifying that they have an active subscription. You will need to click 'Add Member' button, and type in the email address and then click 'Add'. Your screen will report that the invitation has been sent, but you will not be able to edit the member's profile until they accept the invite by clicking a link in the email they received. If they are not logged into Link2Calendar when they receive email invite, your team members will be required to enter their Link2Calendar credentials to accept.


Once the team member accepts the invite, you will be presented with a few fields to set up their profile. Photos can be used to introduce everyone, descriptions allow you to highlight particular expertise or knowledge of foreign languages, and phone number field is there to give your end users an alternative method of communication when needed. It is important to complete this step, otherwise Link2Calendar Team will not have information to present to your customers and they may encounter error messages.


 You are now ready to present your Team Link2Calendar link to your customers. Once they click the link, they will be offered timeslots when at least on of the team members is available. Each timeslot will expand into the view of all members who are available at that time and they will be able to book an appointment with them in the same way as if they were using their individual calendar.


Being a Team owner does not mean that you must keep track of your team members' vacations and dental appointments. The blacklists they set up under their own accounts will hold in the team environment as well.

 For set up instructions please see How to set up a Link2Calendar (Book2Act) Account: