Is Link2Calendar (Book2Act) compatible with my Act! database?

Most Act! databases can allow you to connect to your calendar. The most significant restrictions are:

  • Act! Pro: connectivity is NOT available for this plan
  • Act! perpetual licensing: connectivity is ONLY available for subscription software  

To create a connection to your Premium subscription Act! database, there are two main options:  

Act! Connect Link

If your database is setup to connect to additional software using Act! Connect link, you will be able to retrieve this link by opening your Act! and choosing Act! Connect from the left navigation pane.  


If your administrator configured your subscription Act! Premium database so that your database can be accessed through a web browser outside of your network, and secured your web server using a Certificate Authority generated certificate, you will be able to use Web API method. Please tell your Act! administrator that you need a URL with the following syntax: https://<My_Server_or_Domain_Name>/act.web.api

For set up instructions please see How to set up a Link2Calendar (Book2Act) Account: