How to set up a Link2Calendar (Book2Act) Account

Have you reviewed compatiblity of your Act! database? If not, please see the following article before proceeding:


Note: Before proceeding, please ensure that you have access to the main Act! database using the Act Web API. This Act Web API URL must also support https. If you do not possess an SSL certificate to support https, or if you do not want to directly open ports on your firewall to allow web access to your server, you may use Act Connect Link instead. See the following article which explains how to get the Act Web API URL using Act Connect Link: Article ID 1066

If your database is hosted in the cloud, your Act Hosting provider can provider can provide you with the Act Web API URL.


Account Creation

  1. Sign up for a free trial of Link2Calendar (Book2act) by visiting the following page:
  2. Once signed up, check your email inbox for a confirmation email. Click the link included in the email to confirm your account. 
  3. Once confirmed, log in using your credentials.

Configuring the Act! Connection

  1. After logging in to Book2act, click the Act! Web API Settings menu. (A video is available for greater clarity.)
  2. Enter your Act! Web API URL, Database name, and Act! credentials in the fields as shown below.
  3. Before attempting to Test the connection, click the Save button to save your settings.
  4. Click the Test Connection button. If you receive an error, please confirm your settings and try again. If your test is successful, please continue to the next step.

Configuring General Settings

    1. Click the Generalr Settings menu from the menu bar.
    2. Enter your Full Name and Primary Email Address. This will be used when creating the Calendar invitation file once the scheduling process is complete.

Configuring Link2Calendar Settings

      1. Click the Link2Calendar Settings menu from the menu bar.
      2. The URL field will display the unique URL of your calendar that Contacts can use to create meetings in your calendar. Click the Copy button to copy the URL and embed it in your email signature or website as needed.
      3. In the Calendar Settings section, enter the Start/End Time which will be used to limit the hours that you will be shown as available when scheduling.
      4. Select your Time Zone and select an appropriate Activity Type from the Act! Database.

      5. In the Availability Settings section, enable or disable the days of the week that you wish users to be able to see and schedule activities for.
      6. Disable the Allow meetings to be scheduled for the current date checkbox if you do not wish users to be able to schedule meetings on the current day.
      7. If you have certain days that you wish to be unavailable, such as birthdays or holidays, click the Add button in the Blacklisted days section. Select the date and optionally enable the Repeats every year checkbox if the same date is repeated every year.

      8. In the Meeting Settings section, enter the default Meeting Duration value. This number will control how long each meeting will be.
      9. The Buffer Time value controls the number of minutes you will be shown to be unavailable before or after an existing activity in Act!
      10. The Allowed Number of Months In Future value controls how far in the future a Contact can schedule an activity. If you do not wish to restrict this, leave the value at 0.

      11. Enable the Activity Alarm Enabled checkbox to enable alarms for activities created by Book2act. The Alarm Duration value controls the duration of the alarm.
      12. In the Location field, you can optionally enter a location that will be displayed in the Act! activity.

      13. In the  Misc. settings section, enter the text that will be displayed at the end of the scheduling process.
      14. You may also upload a logo by clicking the upload button in the Company Logo section. 
      15. Click Save to save your settings.

Managing Account Subscriptions 

    1. Click the Account Management menu on the menu bar.
    2. This page will display your currently active subscriptions and the accounts they are assigned to.
    3. Click the Add New Subscription button to purchase a new subscription.

    4. Confirm the email address, and price before continuing.
    5. Press the Next button.

    6. Enter your credit card information and press the Process Transaction button to complete your purchase. You will be redirected to the subscriptions page after purchase.
    7. Click the Assign Subscription button on the newly added subscription.

    8. Enter the email address of the user you wish to assign the subscription to. Note: This user must already have an existing book2act trial account.
    9. Click the Assign button to complete the process.