How to retrieve the Act! Web API URL when using Act! Connect Link

If you are trying to connect to an application that requires an Act! Web API URL but you do not possess an SSL certificate, you may use the Act! Connect Link instead. After installing Act! Connect Link on the machine hosting the database, please follow the steps below to retreive the URL

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Act! Connect Link > Act! Connect Link to start the application

  2. Once the Act! Connect Link window is opened, click the Manage link.

  3. Copy the URL from the Endpoint field which is unique to your machine.

  4. Once you copy the Endpoint URL, simply append /act.web.api to the end of the URL to create the Act! Web API URL. For Example, 
  5. You can now enter this URL into the application settings that needs to connect to the Act! database.